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Mila-wall Acoustic

Better acoustics. Better appearance.

Convince yourself!

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More visitors doesn't mean more noise

Especially when several groups are visiting an exhibit they are often audibly disturbing nearby visitors. The group interferes with one another other. Good thing there is now a new solution: Mila-wall Acoustic. The panels looks as appealing as Mila-wall, but dampens the reverberation in the room noticeably. This way, aesthetic and good-looking wall surfaces can provide an acoustics-enhancing function.

Successful design. Taken one step further.

The new, soundabsorbing wall modules from the Mila-wall series combine aesthetic wall design and clear acoustic enhancement.

The frame of this new acoustic wall is based on the Mila-wall series 100, but the materials and the construction of the wall are optimized for maximum sound absorption.

Mila-wall frame

Creativity without borders

Mila-wall is simple, creative, and fast. Thanks to the patented connection technology with tongue and grove as well as self- contained module connectors. A complete room structure can be assembled within a few minutes.

Mila-wall patentierte Verbindungstechnik mit Nut und Feder sowie selbstschließenden Modulverbindern 1
Mila-wall patentierte Verbindungstechnik mit Nut und Feder sowie selbstschließenden Modulverbindern 2
Mila-wall patentierte Verbindungstechnik mit Nut und Feder sowie selbstschließenden Modulverbindern 3

The wall modules are available in many standard formats in different widths and heights. In addition, we also can manufacture all intermediate dimensions as well as window modules. All types of configurations can be realized by a large number of angular connections. Gird Independent connectors allow wall outlets to be at any location.

Wall surface with a structure of microfiber holes

From the outside a structure an array of microfiber holes are the only distinguishing feature. The secret of the designers remains with how the sound is absorbed so effectively into the interior of the wall.

You have heard nothing?

  • Absorption is the best translated with "sucking up" or "swallowing". Normally surfaces will emit sound. The Mila-wall Acoustic can absorb a bulk of the sound. The wall is designed to convert the sound into heat. As it goes: Secret of the design.

  • Screening in fact works like a screen. Just as the umbrella stops the rain, sound is stopped here on its direct path from the sound source to the listener. This happens through a sound protection device (eg a Mila-wall acoustic). Or, more technically speaking, an interruption of the sound occurs in the spread.

  • Masking means that a sound is spread over another like a mask over a face. What initially sounds like nonsense is clarified on closer inspection: Disturbing background noise is drowned by a non-annoying masking noise and thereby less disturbing. Masking noise must be stationary, broad banding and to be informative. As a rule, this is a noise.

Impressive sound absorption

Mila-wall Acoustic was in close cooperation with the renowned Frauholfer Institute for developing physics In test conducted in the Institute field of work, outstanding values were obtained.

Sound absorption coefficient αs
Sound absorption diagram
Frequency [Hz]

Quiet Please!


The video box is made out of the Mila-wall Acoustic. Inside you can enjoy the best sound quality. But outside the box no one hears, thanks to the sound damping and Sound-absorbing effect of the aesthetic walls there are almost nothing.

Photo videobox

Nature Experience in the Museum

In the Culture Historical Museum in Rostock, a special exhibition was staged with the Mila-wall Acoustic. With these wall modules, The exhibition space is turned off and the impression of the "free game" is aroused. The exhibitors were enthusiastic about the room acoustics, especially because in the background, bird showings are walking in the background and there are no hall – which is actually possible for the room.

Less sound. Less hall.

These exhibition rooms of the Hilm-Böckmann-Retrospective of the LWL-Museum for Archeology in Herne were the basis for an impressive demonstration of the reverberation reduction with acoustic walls from the series Mila-wall Acoustic.

Remarkable reduction of reverberation

In a simulation of the Fraunhofer IBP were the construction of these exhibition rooms with conventional wall modules and with Mila-wall Acoustic. The results speak for themselves:

Sound pressure level [dB]
Sound pressure level diagram of Fraunhofer IBP
Frequency [Hz]
  • Equipment with Mila-wall
  • Equipment with Mila-wall Acoustic
Reverberation time [s]
Reverberation time diagram of Fraunhofer IBP
Frequency [Hz]
  • Equipment with Mila-wall
  • Equipment with Mila-wall Acoustic

Excellent Design

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    Awarded as industry trend by prestigious architectural journal AIT.

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    Awarded by German Design Council with well-known German Design Award.


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